IHSN Question Bank

Censuses, sample surveys and administrative data collection systems often aim to measure and monitor the same variable or statistic. However, differences in the formulation of questions, interviewer instructions or concept definitions can result in noncomparability of data across sources and time. The IHSN Question Bank (QBank), maintained by a network of international agencies, aims to address this by providing a central repository of international questionnaires, interviewer instructions, classifications, concepts and indicators. The QBank application provides comprehensive and readily usable metadata that can be easily exported for the design of data collection instruments.



Browse key indicators by thematic groups and conventions such as the MDGs. View detailed indicator descriptions, references and link to relevant questionnaire modules



Learn more about the concepts behind key indicators and measurement approaches



Peruse key international classifications for various survey data variables



Explore various template survey questionnaire modules by thematic groups. Browse specific questions, interviewer instructions and preview questionnaire layouts